When Social Networking Goes Wrong

50 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business
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In fact, they have an entire Twitter account dedicated to answering questions and providing customer support. Because of their dedication, people know that if something goes wrong with their products, they can turn to Nike for a helpful answer. You can also use it to raise brand awareness…. Social media engagement plans are going to vary from business to business. However, there are a few key points that any good plan should have. What you want to accomplish with your social media strategy depends entirely with what your business has to offer and what best suits your brands.

However, you should be able to clearly articulate what your followers gain from interacting with your brand on social. For example, if educating people is where your brand really shines, then your engagement strategy should focus on sharing resources, answering questions, or giving advice. You should also clearly outline how you use engagement on social media to positively impact your business. All are great examples of how your business can define their goals and ultimately benefit from social media engagement.

Simple: Your audience is going to tell you what they want see from your social media account. Too many businesses make the mistake of guessing at what their customers want on social media. How can you use social media as a solution to their problems? Check out our guide to conducting audience research to learn everything you need to know about your target market. One company that does this very well is Real Simple. Real Simple knows their audience is busy. With this information, Real Simple can now address their needs directly on social media. Their Instagram account, for example, frequently showcases content such as self-care tips, meditative yoga poses, and healthy recipe idea.

19 Massive Corporate Social Media Horror Stories

One simple, but potent, way to engage your audience is by jumping on topical and trending events in the world. Sometimes that means being part of breaking news. But it also means tapping into broader trends […] That means looking at the news cycle for opportunities to become part of developing trends and events.

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Timing is key here. There are always moments to stay relevant and engage with your audience. Belvedere Vodka can explain the difference…now. The ad campaign for the vodka was supposed to be easy. Rape is not edgy. Walmart tried to pull one over on social media users and wound up looking foolish. The couple spent the nights in Walmart parking lots and interviewed employees to discover their secrets and feelings for their employer.

Surprisingly, all of the employees loved Walmart! Waitrose, a posh supermarket, went online and asked Twitter users why they enjoyed shopping at the supermarket. The responses were enough to make most company owners cringe. Barack Obama had social media down to a science in He used his advantages again in His opponent, Mitt Romney, tried to make his own foray into social media, with pretty dismal results. Things went downhill quickly. Unhappily, this was just the first of many social media stumbles for the presidential candidate. The moment a commercial, tweet, video, or post goes live, users are able to make comments and post complaints.

Often, users complain much faster than companies tend to respond, which only compounds the problem. In the case of an ill-fated Popchips commercial, Ashton Kutcher donned brown-face to play a stereotypical Indian man. The Popchips Twitter page and other social media accounts exploded with complaints, and people kept complaining while the company dragged its feet to address the issue. Barack Obama had an excellent social media plan.

8.5 Examples of BAD Social Media Etiquette For Business

He researched keywords and messages. He found the buzzwords that resonated with his audience and used them to his advantage. He came from almost nowhere politically and beat Hillary Clinton to create a truly defining presidency. Chrysler made beautiful commercials. They created videos and made a true image for the recovery of Detroit.

This beauty was wiped out in a quick moment, however, when a bit of profanity laced a tweet that insulted the very iconic city that they had single-handedly built up through other platforms. The lesson here? Be sure your social media messages are consistent.

Social media is not traditional advertising. Instead, to utilize social media correctly, you must interact authentically with users and at least pretend to enjoy their company. Sometimes it seems like there are a lot of ways to say something, but you start to run short on things to say. Before you delve too deeply into a social media campaign, be sure you have plenty to say. They never made a post, hosted a contest, or tweeted a tweet.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement: A Guide for Marketers

The fact that you have no idea who they are in our modern global society should be enough of a message for you. With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the right platform to use. You can at least monitor posts on Facebook. The two things to avoid bringing into business generally are politics and religion.

Nabisco recently realized just how hot these topics can be when they featured different sorts of Oreo cookies to celebrate the th anniversary of the cookie. The first featured design was an Oreo with stacked rainbow filling.

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The gay marriage advocates and the anti-gay marriage advocates all went nuts. Otherwise, your clients may be sabotaging all of your hard work with hard work of their own. Can social media make your business? The current president of the United States is a perfect example of how quickly you can rise in popularity using social media effectively.

But just as social media accounts can make a career, they can break one as well.

How to increase social media engagement

Merchants have to do damage control on the fallout from having a public tweet that calls out their shortcomings. Some of them are self-proclaimed, preaching on top of a soapbox about the wow and now of social media. On the internet, everything lasts forever. Another example of mixing personal and corporate accounts comes from KitchenAid, the popular kitchen appliances company. Deep Shah on August 21, at pm. The Seahawks learned this the hard way back in , when they overlayed words from MLK over an image of a crying Russel Wilson. The legal stuff.

Finally, do you want some tips on dealing with haters on social media? Neil Patel has some advice:.

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Catch him on Twitter and Facebook. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Social media is a good thing. How could it be so terrible? Just ask Paula Deen. See what Hillary Clinton has to say about it. Nothing Dies With social media, nothing ever seems to die. Vortex of Terror Paula Deen recently discovered that social media moves faster than anything else out there. Grammar Freaks Everyone makes mistakes and everyone is human, but there seems to be a disproportionate number of armchair quarterbacks on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook than anywhere else.

Taking Advantage of Human Tragedy Current events are always an easy topic to discuss. The result — Progressive ended up paying 3 claims.

Political Maelstrom Chick-fil-A owner, Dan Cathy, made a seemingly innocent statement that he supports traditional family values. You have to strap it to your car, get it home safe then up two flights of stairs. What seemed like such a value can cost so much more in the end. My father taught me something was either a cost or an investment. You have nothing to show for it. An investment is money you spend, and you get something in return.

There are issues unique to social media that most businesses never consider until after the fact or until it's too late. Even with the best of plans, what happens when something goes wrong? Something, on some scale, always goes wrong - then what?

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That usually does not happen. As you move forward now in deciding if and how to use social media, you do so with eyes wide open. Intro to Scrum.