The Blending, book 2: competitions
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A devastating disaster has left the Forbidden Court in ashes, its fountains destroyed, and its magic at risk. Saboteur, conspirator, and full-blood sister of the king, she is prepared to set forth a wave of destruction that will eliminate everything that stands between her and possession of the throne.

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But Trynne has her weapons, too—her magic, her resilience, her skills at intrigue, and especially, Fallon. What Do You See?

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Competitions (The Blending, Book 2) [Sharon Green] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In order to prove themselves to the ancient. Editorial Reviews. Review. "An acknowledged master of the fantasy adventure." -- -- Rave The Blending, book 2: competitions - Kindle edition by Sharon Green . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Personal Finance. Children's Books Educational. Picture Book: Fiction. Picture Book: Non-Fic. Children's Religious. General Fiction African-American. Cross Genre. All are taken, one way or the other. Those who do not become Middles cannot survive the testing process. For the survivors, there are yet more things ahead.

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The series is based around a blending of magicians who have proven to have the talents possessed my middles. The five of them each specialize in one of the elemental aspects of magic: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit. They are a motley crew, mostly commoners with only one laughable lord amongst them.

In order to survive the trials, their society, the other blendings, and occasionally each other, they must find a way to work together or be destroyed in the power schemes of other blendings seeking more influence within the Empire. The story is long - I still have yet to finish the five book series I'm stalled at Book three.

Western Cape wine club Kelderhof Winos wins 2017 Blaauwklippen Blending Competition!

I someday hope to finish it, but at this point I'd have to start all over again. However, what really got me about the series was the world and society crafted by Sharon Green. It has a rich history, unique places, well defined systems of magic and a underlying sense of mystery and wonder that makes you want to uncover more of the world, peeling back the layers of intrigue to get to the real reasons things are the way they are.

The downside is that this is the kind of fantasy that is romance heavy.

There are moments where it simply derails so that characters can have sex with each other and incite jealousies and passion plays. This is only a pitfall insofar as you can tolerate romance though, and far from a deterrent from reading the books.

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Feb 24, Catsalive rated it really liked it Shelves: I couldn't possibly say it any better than V. Briceland already has. For only this powerful union of strangers can prevent the prophesied return of the Evil Ones who once enslaved I couldn't possibly say it any better than V. For only this powerful union of strangers can prevent the prophesied return of the Evil Ones who once enslaved the land.

Lorand is of Earth, a simple farmer called to the city. Tamrissa is Fire, sacrificing her home to escape an undesired marriage. Clarion is Air, an aristocrat flying free for the very first time. Spirit is the talent of Jovvi, the beautiful, sensuous and knowing ex-courtesan. And Vallant is Water, a sailor who aches to return to the sea. As one, they must stand against the odious treachery of past masters - and confront a fearsome depravity that hungers for their world.

As on they must triumph Jun 30, Rhapsody rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy , romance , fiction. As a rule, I never get rid of books, even if I thought they weren't great. This series was an exception. Maybe I'd be more OK with it now since I've read some romance since then and the love scenes wouldn't take me completely by surprise, but I tend to doubt it.

I did really like the setup; a group of very very different people with strong magical abilities in different elements are brought together as a team for a competition. After that though, it just got hideously contrived. The number of wo As a rule, I never get rid of books, even if I thought they weren't great. The number of women to men more or less matches up and basically you have that number of romantic plot lines going.

The characters themselves were pretty underdeveloped. Even the writing was shoddy, switching between third and first person, even first person from various characters. Part of me wants to try it over, now that I've gained some exposure to romance. But it was just so bad I don't know if I could stand it. View 1 comment.