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Sewing of darts along marked lines

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You will need colored pencils, pencil top erasers or eraser , 4 push pins, somewhere to push the pushpins into card box, notification board, etc Step 1 : First a target You can do that by either drawing a target on a piece of paper, or you could print a target of of the internet or make your own using your computer. It needs to be small enough for you to be able to push the pin through your target, the eraser, and still have a small part of the pin left for you to puncture the surface where you are placing your target.

After that have fun! I Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and congratulations you have finished making your own dart set! Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Create an Oil Painting of a Chicken. Simple Silver Ring Torch Soldering. Starting a Handmade Business. Reply Upvote. The advantage of most electronic dartboards is that the machine will record the score even with the dart bouncing out.

Dart flights are made of plastic but there are various types, thickness and laminations that are esthetically pleasing. Most players enjoy choosing different designs, from the broad selection available. The more proficient a player becomes, the more your flights and shafts will break. This happens because during the course of a game a player is throwing multiple darts at the same small target bulls-eye or triple twenty.

The goal to getting better at this game is to develop a repeatable throw that will produce a compact grouping of three darts at any given target. The skill of a player is demonstrated by the tightness of their group of three thrown darts thus the event of piggybacking or robin hooding of darts when one dart follows an earlier dart and follows the flight and sticks into the shaft of the earlier dart.

Because the point is plastic and the darts weigh less, fewer incidences of piggybacking occur. However, the plastic points on soft tip darts break with regularity. There are a variety of grips one can use to hold a dart and all vary according to each individual. If you watch accomplished dart players you will see some very unusual ways of holding the dart. Most people, when they pick up a dart, position their hands to form a very natural and comfortable grip. The most common way to hold a dart is to position your thumb underneath your fore finger with your middle finger holding the dart towards the front of the barrel or resting on the point.

The pencil grip is also very popular and is naturally comfortable. Choosing a grip is a subjective decision and usually what feels most comfortable for you will work the best. To be consistent, your body should be balanced and feel as natural as possible when standing at the throw line. The easiest way to achieve this is to have both feet flat and anchored to the floor with your foot against the throw line. It is perfectly legal to lean over the throw-line and some players take advantage of this and lean noticeably forward.

The goal is to create a consistent repeatable throw, and once you have established your foot position and your lower body is perfectly still, it is time to launch your dart. The only part of your body that should move when you throw is your arm. Throwing the dart is the same general motion as throwing a paper airplane.

Your upper arm should be almost parallel to the floor with your forearm and wrist at a right angle. Next you draw back and with a forward motion, like gliding an airplane, follow through with your arm and wrist releasing the dart winding up in a finishing position pointing at the dartboard. At first you will focus on the mechanics of the throw but eventually you should be concentrating on the target and letting the motion take care of itself. Have you ever taken a wad of paper and thrown it from a distance into a wastebasket?

Most people have and when you do are you thinking of how your arm is moving and how far back you are bringing it and with how much force you are throwing it? Of course not, you do it by feel because the mechanics are inherent. You have thrown things all of your life.

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To determine who starts any game it is customary for each player to throw one dart at the bulls-eye with the closest dart deciding who will begin the game. If both players score a single bulls-eye this is considered a tie and both players re-throw. The same holds true if both players score a double bulls-eye.

If both darts are outside the bulls-eye then the player with the closest dart begins the game. This is the only time a dart from each opposing player remains in the board at the same time. When playing a friendly set of games against the same opponent, the loser of the previous game begins the next game. A coin toss can also be used to determine who will begin the game. Steel tip — scoring is usually done by hand and written on a scoreboard or score sheets.

Soft tip — This is where the soft tip game has the advantage; the computer programmed dartboard scores and does the math after each dart is thrown. Soft tip - Because of the physical make up of the dartboard, bounce-out darts are a little more frequent but players have the advantage of the electronic sensitivity of the matrix and bounced out darts record a score. The score that is recorded by the machine is considered correct and will count. There are many different games that can be played on a dartboard. In the United States Cricket seems to be the game of choice however all of your organized leagues and tournaments have multiple events with , both as singles events or team events. Cricket is one game that has an element of strategy thus, if a shrewd approach is employed, a lesser skilled player, on occasion, may come out on the winning side. The object of the game is to score three of each target number 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and three bulls-eyes. Scoring inside the triple ring counts as three and inside the double ring counts as two. The first person to close all the numbers including bulls-eye and is either tied or ahead on points is the winner.

Numbers can be played at any time, but are usually played in descending order, starting with twenty. The typical scoreboard will list all of the Cricket numbers that will be in play.

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The third score is represented by a circle surrounding the X making this number closed or protected. If one scores in the double or triple ring that scores as 2 marks or 3 marks respectively. Once a player has closed a number three marks then points can be scored on that number if their opponent has not closed the number. Closing a number can be both offensive, to score points, or defensive, to prevent the scoring of your opponents points.