Global Childhoods: Globalization, Development and Young People

Global Childhoods: Globalization, Development and Young People
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Changing Societies, Changing Childhood: Studying the Impact of Globalization on Child Development

This astute book initiates a broad discussion from a variety of different disciplines about how we place children nationally, globally and within development. Buy Global Childhoods: Globalization, Development and Young People 1 by Stuart Aitken (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low.

Since the beginning of the s, a number of studies in political science have reported the gradual rise of more critical forms of citizenship to the detriment of institutional forms of civic and political participation. On the one hand, critical citizenship has gathered strength as the relationship between ordinary citizens and politics has become more individualised and, on the other, as traditional party allegiances have weakened Hirschman, , Inglehart, , Norris, All research on what might be termed "civil disobedience" stresses the tenuous nature of the border zone in which the transition to radicalization takes place.

Young people today become politicised in a climate where new connections between conventional and unconventional politics are manifold. The borders to radicalization have also become more porous, including at the voting polls.

Global Studies of Childhood | SAGE Publications Ltd

Protest voting and an inclination towards extremist parties is more prevalent among younger than older generations. Violence is used as a subversive force and has an impact if not on the political system, at the very least on the social system. Some violent protest is explicitly based on political ideologies. However, new forms of violence have also emerged and have given rise to contrasting interpretations depending on whether they are labelled as political or not.

For some, they stem from a logic of rebellion rather than from actual political issues in a context where "incivility" and deviance from the norm are on the rise. This special issue of Youth and Globalization to be launched in will compile empirical studies on the expanding protest framework for political involvement among younger generations. They are also encouraged to question the diverse elements of the repertoire regarding their democratic legitimacy.

Mobility-in-Migration in an Era of Globalization

Last but not least, this special issue will also contribute to a rethinking of the framework within which the process of political socialization occurs from one generation to the next. About the Journal Youth and Globalization invites contributions from scholars and advanced researchers that promote dialog in a way that resonates with academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and students as well as the general reader.

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Amsterdam: Askant Academic. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. For example, these may include social workers, allied health professionals and policy-makers as well as professionals who conduct research into the social contexts of education, literacy and numeracy, the new information technologies, the sciences and the arts. For book review queries, please contact the book review editor, Valentina Cuzzocrea. Lund, Ragnhild. There are no fees payable to submit or publish in this journal. Children in historical and comparative perspective.

She is the author of many books and articles, of which the latest are with Vincenzo Cicchelli Aesthetico-Cultural Cosmopolitanism and French Youth. Save Email Share Share Share. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: PubFactory. Sign in to annotate.

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Delete Cancel Save. Cancel Save. The book is also recommended to those interested in adopting a child or youth-centred epistemological and methodological research approach. Protecting Children or Pandering to Politics?

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Keynote Address: U.S.-China Collaboration on Early Childhood Development

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