Facility Planning and Maintenance. Topic 2: Facility Planning

Facilities Planning and Safety
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Start the conference by networking with exhibitors.

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From a societal development perspective, education is fundamental to its progress. The education we provide our children is arguably one of the most important things we can do as a community today. As children spend a large majority of their time in K schools, it is crucial that the facilities in which they learn are healthy, sustainable, durable, and safe.

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Drawing on technical examples, lessons learned, and best practices from recent K projects, the presentation will comprehensively explore and explain the challenges and key components necessary to execute successful retro-commissioning RCx projects in this sector. Executing projects within this domain is particularly significant, as they ultimately will impact student health as well as their ability to learn. For example, studies have shown increased indoor air quality has been attributed to a decreased amount of sick days among students and staff. Through this process of RCx, it is ensured that building systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained in conformance with the current facility requirements.

Regardless of the cause of degraded performance, RCx ensures that anemic areas of system performance are identified and quantified such that corrective actions to bring the system back to its most optimal state are identified. This is done through a prudent engineering process whereby existing systems are assessed and tested to determine the level of conformance with the current facility requirement.

Challenging Children in Your Schools. Afternoon Break. The Realities of Referendum Projects. With the passage of many facility referenda, Wisconsin facility managers have been tasked with oversight of billions of dollars in construction projects over the last decade. A facility manager's role in each of these projects can differ, but trust that you will be expected to lead, and that large projects can consume a facility manager for years at a time.

This course is designed to give a brief overview of the stages of a referendum, from planning, through execution. We will review some pitfalls to avoid as well as opportunities that will present themselves. There are always facility needs and operational challenges which require funds that are above and beyond what was anticipated. The Somerset School District has been facing mounting facility needs that have become overwhelming.

These efforts are providing operational savings and are being leveraged to quickly address building needs. Mentorship is a powerful way to give back to the profession, with gains for both the mentor and protege. Attend this session to learn the qualities of a good mentor, how to make the mentoring relationship work, and what you can do to help school facilities professionals be successful for the long-term.

If you wish to find out on being a Mentor, attend this session.

What color should I install? What controls should I add? What about Li-Fi? What do I do for future options?

Transforming facilities management with cognitive IoT

How do I make any decisions with everything changing so fast? We will answer these and more questions in this session. When it comes to lighting upgrades, this will be the most enlightening session you will attend this year. Networking Social in Exhibit Hall. Social in the Indoor Theme Park.

Key Concepts Of Facility Strategic Planning For Facility Managers

Do you have a great idea that would help make Carleton a more sustainable campus? We will examine stories of custodians who make a difference every day in the lives of the children in our schools. Good facilities maintenance costs money Facility Managers are being called on more than ever to present data related to facilities. More The Under Carleton Tunnel Wayfinding pilot project was a success and we received great feedback from faculty, staff and students.

Wednesday, 28 February How about 3 years? Controlling Insurance Costs. Using a comprehensive risk management approach for all lines of insurance. This program will help you understand how each aspect of insurance can help or hurt you. Understanding your risk and having a good comprehensive risk management plan can help you to save big dollars in both the short-term and the long-term.

Chapter 4 Facility Planning

Today, the School District of New Berlin is considered to have best in class programs and approach. This session is designed to outline specific resume formats and assist in identifying important information to share on your resume. Learn how to effectively answer interview questions and how to prepare for the interview. Communicating effectively during the interview is a key to success. Learn some tips about communicating verbally and non-verbally. Morning Break.

Facility Planning Guide

The Superior Area School District had considerable need for facility improvements. After years of discussions, there was finally the motivation to develop a long-term facility vision which allowed for the continued evolution of teaching and learning. How did the district establish facility solution priorities and what process determined the greatest needs of the district?

When is the last time you had someone evaluate your space for environmental concerns? Lance Gregorich, Environmental Health and Safety Manager, and Luke Krumenauer, Environmental Health and Safety Lead Consultant, will walk attendees through common areas where hazardous materials may be lurking, the benefits of conducting a chemical inventory, cost-effective methods to deal problem areas, and the best way to communicate solutions to the community. This session will give an overview of your new role and the responsibilities that come with it, as well as the skills that will be essential to your success.

This session will cover the hiring of employees, transfers and changes of assignment, leave provisions and retirement issues.

Wisconsin school facilities, with thousands of buildings in various locations, are one of the largest energy consumers in the state. Nationally, school facilities spend millions of dollars annually on electric and gas expenses. Creating awareness and implementing changes in the way these facilities operate, school districts can better use taxpayer dollars and resources, conserve energy, improve efficiency, and increase occupant comfort. Attendees will hear real-life examples of schools utilizing energy-saving strategies and best practices to improve the system performance of their existing buildings.

Make a year of savings! We work with the university community, and external organizations to develop and improve methods and strategies utilized to meet the needs of our community. Our primary role is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all members of the campus community. Commute Ontario has launched! Carleton University has teamed up with Commute Ontario to offer faculty, staff and students with commuting programs that focus on healthy, active and sustainable transportation modes i. In addition, campaigns are offered throughout the year through which faculty, staff and The Under Carleton Tunnel Wayfinding pilot project was a success and we received great feedback from faculty, staff and students.

Thank you to everyone who sent us comments. As a result, we are currently rolling out the colour-coded As a result, we are currently rolling out the colour-coded wayfinding map and markers throughout the entire tunnel system to improve navigation throughout the tunnels. As part of the