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But those days appear to be pretty much over. At a recent gig at the delightfully seedy Las Vegas Strip Club in Auckland, with several other lesser-known bands, Deja Voodoo even turned down the opportunity to have the sole dancer on the premises perform during their set. As it turned out they didn't really need anything but their own, fine suit-clad selves. Members of the audience expecting a Milli-Vanilli-style mime or even just depraved jokes about why the red velvet curtains were so dirty were disappointed. Instead there was genuine rock'n'roll intensity from a trio clearly relishing the opportunity to play and throw themselves around, guitar-god style, on the small catwalk.

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Obviously they have learned a lot about performing from their days on the telly. And now they seem to be able to play some big fat guitar riffs, too.

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Yes, Deja Voodoo, as Heath might have once said so ironically on his television show, actually do rock. But fans of Back of the Y need not fear. Deja Voodoo are not quite ready to become Coldplay. Their debut album, Brown Sabbath, comes out early next year and features plenty of songs about drinking. Heath says it's a concept album about beer. He throws it around on stage and then catches it and I'm always really worried one day he's going to shove it in my ribcage.

I hope someone's got a camera that day," Heath says thoughtfully.

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Deja Voodoo may refer to: Déjà Voodoo (Gov't Mule album), an album by Gov't Mule; Deja Voodoo (Canadian band), a Canadian garage band of the s. Deja Voodoo was formed by Gerard van Herk (guitar and singing) and Tony Dewald (drums), who combined s horror imagery with rockabilly and country .

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Déjà Voodoo: Pharma’s Promises To Curb Drug Prices Have Been Heard Before

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Thursday 18 April Thursday 27 June Wednesday 4 September But what we know is enough to feel a deep sense of alarm. The tape sold relatively well in the Montreal independent scene, but failed to penetrate the market in the rest of Canada. Despite their relative success, Deja Voodoo never managed to break into the mainstream markets, and by both van Herk and Dewald decided to split up Deja Voodoo. Sunday 21 April

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