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Then, 4 billion years ago, living organisms emerged.

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Yet even under Goldilocks conditions, the survival of life has not been a certainty. Reflecting their importance, the last three thresholds of the book relate to humans: first, their entrance onto the planet; then the emergence of agriculture-based societies 10, years ago; and finally, over the past years, the rise of modern societies based on fossil fuels such as oil.

Throughout, Christian explores the role played by human knowledge.

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That explains our colossal power in the new epoch in which we live today. On the positive side, Christian said, human life expectancy has nearly tripled in the past years. Despite that dismal image, Christian is optimistic that humans will harness their knowledge to steward the Earth across future thresholds. Planet Earth: how did it get its start?

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Illustrative: A dinosaur with a saddle comprises one of the displays at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, which posits that dinos and humans lived side by side. Origin Story by David Christian. Plus, you can earn badges through fun quizzes that will challenge your thinking. Pass all eight quizzes and we'll recognize your success by sending you a Big Historian sticker.

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It is a massive undertaking and the foremost accomplishment is that she has written a highly readable account encompassing the grandest timescale possible. Further, more evolved brains tend to be larger relative to their parent bodies, which is why brain-to-body-mass ratios also increase with evolution generally—mammals more than reptiles, primates notably among mammals, and humans foremost among the great apes [ , ]. Of these, only fifteen have been and continue to be of major importance: four grasses wheat, rice, maize, and sugar , six legumes lentils, peas, vetches, beans, soybeans, and peanuts , and five starches potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, maniocs, and bananas. To characterize complexity objectively, that is, to normalize all such structured systems in precisely the same way, a kind of energy density is judged most useful. We consider plants first and then examine animals in Section 4. I found the first third of "Big History" fascinating because Cynthia Brown told our Universe's story using the language of science. Astronomers have long suspected that galaxies sustain themselves by acquiring additional resources from their surrounding environments since, given the limited amount of gas with which they initially formed, they would quickly burn through their entire supply by making stars.

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This site is intended for use by users 13 and older. Users under 13 should not create an account. Get Started. Sign In. The Universe started simply with a burst of energy. As it developed over billions of years, stars were born, new complexities emerge, setting the stage for radical change.

How The Universe Began- Full Documentary

Threshold 1: The Big Bang Beginning at the beginning. As far as we know.

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Threshold 2: Stars Light Up How stars are born. The birth and death of stars leave an aftermath of matter, gas, and clouds of dust. Through gravity, accretion, and random collisions, new complex forms of matter grow to become galaxies, the Earth, and even living organisms.

What makes life on Earth so special? How do you explain its diversity? And what exactly is it? How life emerged remains a mystery, but we've learned that life is fragile in the face of gradual and sudden change. Just ask the dinosaurs. Threshold 5: Life on Earth How life evolves, adapts, and thrives. Powerful brains.

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