4 Tools of Emotional Healing (Love, Lust and the Longing for God Book 2)

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Thanks to ronedmondson. When he talks to you does it actually mean you literally hear his voice? He speaks to you through good people in your life — people who help and guide you — perhaps even occasional people like me now! Another thing— He answers always in your very best interests. If He knows something would not be a good plan for you at this moment. Be patient and you will see how His plan for you unfolds. You are amazing! Keep praying. Hi, im a backsliding christian for a while now,every time i go to sin i hear a voice in my head saying dont do it , come back to me.

How To Heal From Emotional Triggers And Wounds So You Can Finally Have The Love You Want

As a Christian you know what and can clearly feel what sin is. Trust your judgement. Obliviously you know the path to follow. Been having really bad anxiety for a while like I was gonna die soon. It became something I worried about a lot Im not a real religious person although I do believe in God and have some knowledge on the subject.

Love, Lust and the Longing for God

We got to talking and he ask me to come out to his truck he wanted to show me something. I said ok and he ask if he could read the bible to me so I said yes. He read several scriptures about being saved and not fearing death and having eternal life and how we need to live our lives better bc we never know when that moment will be. He also said he used to worry that something was gonna happen to him years ago until he turned it over to God. I felt like this was a sign bc I never said anything about my problem.

It has releived and also scared me. He said he reads this to a lot of people from time to time bc he feels like he needs to spread the word. Hi, ive been back sliding for a while now, but every day i hear a voice saying come back what your doing is wrong,. I agree God works in mysterious ways. Stay strong and explore your Faith. I've have been wishing to speak to god but in the past I regrettably said some bad things about him. It was before I became a true Christian. Does this mean I'm not saved? Can I still speak to him. Well I have some good news.

Here is the entire Scripture passage:

God wants to talk to you also. The Bible is very clear that nothing in us promotes God's activity in our life. It's all grace. God sent Jesus to the cross for all the things you've done wrong. He paid your price.

He gives you access to God by faith in Him. Read Epesians Then start talking. God is listening and waiting. Start with telling Him how wonderful He is, then tell Him what you've done wrong. Ask forgiveness. Then keep talking. Ok thanks! I said all those awful things before I became a Christian, so he will forgive me for that as well? Hey sorry I wanted to ask: have you ever talked to God? Has thoughts or visions blessed you before?

God is always listening to His children. God is love and His forgiveness saves our troubled hearts. My grandfather who is 81 recently had open heart surgery on Sep. He is a diabetic, also he has dementia so recovery has not been easy. Our family, is not the best.

pocatmillwin.ga Lots of greed and selfishness. My grandfathers wife has battled cancer for the last 7 years. Me myself I lived 70 miles away from them. When I saw him at the hospital I was overwhelmed to be with him.

This great great feeling not to leave his side. He got out of the hospital oct. It was to quit my job and move in with them and my three kids and take care of both of them. So I left my apartment put all our stuff in storage, changed my 3 kids school and now I am my grandpaws nurse and his complete care giver.

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Was that god directing my path and leading me? I want to know and believe it was. Help me understand this please.

I don't know if I can answer whether or not God is speaking to you. I am certainly not a prophet. I would say, however, it seems like you're being used of God and it seems like something God would do. I wonder if he you should not try so hard to figure out the exact plan God has and simply trust him day by day. He is not the author of confusion. But sometimes he wants us to trust him in what we know to do today and he will give us father instructions when we are ready.

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Thank you for getting back to me. As a response to what you said I do feel as if God uses me to do good things. I single handly ran a donation drive for all 4 famlies. I stored everything for the famlies until they got another roof over their head, which took a while to do. I did all that because this deep feeling to do something. I was on the local radio, in the news paper and everything. People was dropping stuff off under my car port, for months. I helped 4 famlies complete strangers. All because I felt like I had to.

I was told by this thought in my head step by step what I had to do to help them and everything. I know then that was God leading me to them and telling me what I needed to do. For this time with my grandparents I feel and know that was God speaking to me and guiding m to be with my grandparents.

My papaws been out a couple weeks now and his dementia has gotten ten times worse since his surgery. My job is to keep him alive until God decides it is time for him to come home. I had a dream that was out of body. I was up in the air with someone im assuming bc they responded to me when i asked a wuestion about what i was seeing my husband and i dining in the dream.

It was completely dark and my husband and i were sitting down on something, maybe a couch. I dnt know what we were looking at or who we were listening to bc it was complete darkness in front of us. Then i woke up from my dream. I have researched for quite some time now and only two ppl heard of my dream but dont believe.

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Rodrica is my husbands mistress and now babymomma. I had bn praying on this situation since i was aware of the affair my husband was having and from a few months after finding out about the affair, she becomes pregnant. I habe spoken with her and my husband enough to feel i knew what to pray for and a miscarriage would actually be best for everyone involved.

Im not sure if it was my own mind or whatever playing games with me or not. I found scripture in the book of Hosea and seen where miscarrying wombs cn be allowed or permitted to take place ny God Himself.

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